Investor Relations

Social Actions

As social policy, OdontoPrev seeks to offer society, especially the underprivileged, oral health care quality through associations, institutes and foundations with recognized credibility, which target their efforts to support / help underprivileged children.

Regarding the internal public, OdontoPrev values the diversity of its workforce and to offer these opportunities for growth within the company.

Friends of the future action

Though this initiative, OdontoPrev aims to help charitable partner institutions or create projects focused on dental health to underprivileged children. In 2018, the Company supported 20 institutions in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which currently serve 6,854 underprivileged children.

Continued Assistance Program

Consists of offering dental care to underprivileged children through our accredited network. The beneficiary child receives an OdontoPrev associate card and is guaranteed dental and orthodontic assistance until he/she reaches the age of majority or while participating in NGO partner projects. The card does not make reference to the Program, guaranteeing care without any kind of discrimination.

In 2018, approximately 6,700 procedures were performed on children in 20 assisted institutions. Total investment in this program was R$115 thousant.

Institutions supported in specific projects

OdontoPrev financially supports various associations, institutes and foundations with recognized credibility, which target efforts to support / help underprivileged children.

Among these investments, we can highlight: the maintenance budget for the Ronald McDonald Institute, a partnership with the Gol de Letra - SP and RJ, Social Bom Jesus, Creche Viva, Associação Comunitária Despertar, Liga Solidária, Associação Fernanda Bianchini, Projeto Arrastão, LBV, CEJAM, Instituto Viva Melhor, Fundação Tide Setubal, Instituto Movere e Ser+.

Prevention campaigns

These are campaigns that inform on the importance of good oral hygiene in the prevention of oral health problems. Through playful activities that teach the right way to brush your teeth, these campaign focus on children and teenagers in communities served by OdontoPrev.

In 2018, 7 events were held with 1,050 children. In addition to the lectures, there are educational games, meals, prizes and chats with parents.

Creating Multiplying Agents

This program is used to disseminate the culture of good oral health and prevention against diseases. Community leaders, health workers, family members and volunteers from the communities in which OdontoPrev operates as multiplying agents and are trained to talk about prevention in regions where they live.

Since 2014, the program has already trained 1,149 multiplying agents.

Last update on June 27, 2019