Investor Relations

Environmental actions

Conscious Consumption

OdontoPrev acts on two fronts regarding conscious consumption, focused on both its employees and the accredited network. The Company carries out internal awareness campaigns on energy and water consumption, use of materials, such as paper, and the proper disposal of waste. In relation to its accredited network, the Company is concerned with the use of X-ray materials and thus developed a technology that allows uploads of X-ray images.

Carbon neutralization

Since 2008 OdontoPrev counts on the support of an environmental consulting firm specialized in monitoring carbon emission from energy consumption, employees commuting (by road or by air), fleet fuel and hauling. Based on calculations, such consulting firm verifies the necessary amount of trees to be sowed and planted to neutralize the equivalent carbon.

In 2017, the Company’s emissions totaled 198.79 tons of CO2, a parameter that was not previously monitored.

Waste Management

OdontoPrev manages its solid waste, which allows for the appropriate disposal of such waste, monitor the volume of solid waste generated by the Company, and establish a reduction plan. The waste is forwarded to an outsourced company for recycling and inventory analysis. The specialized company hired for this service has the Cadri (Certificate of Environmental Waste Transportation) certification duly updated. This certificate is issued by Cetesb (São Paulo State’s Environmental Authority), which approves the transportation of environmental waste for reprocessing, storage, treatment or to final disposal sites.

Amalgam Recycling Program

Amalgam is a material consisting of heavy and toxic metals, including mercury and silver, used by dentists to fill cavities caused by tooth decays. If disposed off inappropriately, amalgam can contaminate people and nature. Aware of the importance of recycling this material, OdontoPrev maintains a partnership with University of São Paulo (USP) and with the accredited network of dentists for the development of new technology to recycle amalgam.

The project involves negotiation with government health and environment agencies, such as São Paulo State’s Environmental Authority (Cetesb), Research and Measurement Institute (Ipem) and São Paulo’s Health Secretariat. In addition, amalgam packaging and transport are special and certified by the Technology Research Institute (IPT).

Since the beginning of the project, in 2005, around 3,100 accredited dentists have joined the initiative and already forwarded 18 kg of amalgam, from which approximately 8 kg of mercury and silver could be recovered.

Last update on June 27, 2019