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OdontoPrev´s sustainability vision / CDP & U.N. Global Compact Reports

The concept of sustainability is an integral part of our organizational culture and was present in OdontoPrev’s actions long before the term became recurrent in social discussions. Right from its foundation the Company has constantly been monitoring its performance and has looked for continuous improvement. To us Social Responsibility is to have conscience of our role as a social agent of the development for the community where we are inserted. Since our foundation, we provide initiatives for the well being of the society, constantly monitor our actions and search the continuous improvement focusing the balance of three pillars - environmental, economical and social. We believe in the importance of incorporate the social responsibility criteria on the business’ strategic management. Following the guidelines we invest strongly on social-environmental actions.

OdontoPrev integrates the Em Boa Companhia website (In Good Company) of B3, through which it is possible to accompany the new ideas and projects that the public owned companies have developed in the area of Social Responsibility, demonstrating their compromise towards a better future for all.

OdontoPrev 2017/2018 Sustainability Report. Access here.

United Nations Global Compact 2017/2018 - OdontoPrev Communication on Progress (COP), Learn more.

United Nations Global Compact 2016/2017 - OdontoPrev Communication on Progress (COP), Learn more.

United Nations Global Compact 2015/2016 - OdontoPrev Communication on Progress (COP). Learn more.

CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project: Odontoprev 2014/2015 Climate Change Program. Access here.

United Nation. Global Compact 2014/2015 - OdontoPrev Communication on Progress (COP). Read more.

Last update on December 19, 2018