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Executive officers

We currently have seven executive officers who were reelected at Board of Directors meetings held on November 28, 2017. Their terms run until November 2019. According to our Bylaws, we may have at least four and at most ten executive officers.

The table below shows the name, age, position, date elected and term expiration date of our current executive officers:

Name Position Election Term
Rodrigo Bacellar Chief Executive Officer 11/28/2017 11/28/2019

Rodrigo Bacellar
Chief Executive Officer of Odontoprev since June 1, 2016. Mr Rodrigo Bacellar, 50, is a civil engineer graduated at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and MBA from the University of Warwick, England. Mr Bacellar was the CEO at Orizon, an IT platform company dedicated to the healthcare sector. Prior to Orizon, Mr Bacellar worked for 19 years at local and global financial institutions.

José Roberto Borges Pacheco Investor Relations Officer 11/28/2017 11/28/2019

José Roberto Pacheco
joined the Company in 2006, at the time of the OdontoPrev IPO. He has a degree in Economics from the National University of Brasilia and has a post-graduate degree from the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden. Prior to OdontoPrev, Mr. Pacheco has worked at CAEMI S.A., ABN-Amro Bank and Gol S.A. where he held positions related to corporate finance, treasury and investor relations.

José Maria Benozatti Clinical-Operational Director 11/28/2017 11/28/2019

José Maria Benozatti
has a degree in dentistry from the Universidade Bandeirante. He was a partner and founder of Unidont, a company we acquired in 1999 and merged into our company in 2000. He has been our shareholder since 2000, and in 2006, he became an executive officer, supervising the clinical area.

Rose Gabay Corporate Director 11/28/2017 11/28/2019

Rose Gabay
Ms. Gabay joined the Company in 2008. Has psychology degree from FMU, with a MBA from FEA-USP, with major in Human Resources.She was a HR Superintendent at ABN-Amro Bank, HR Director at Real Insurance - ABN-Amro Bank and HR Consultant at Ultra Group.

Luis André Blanco Administrative and Finance Director 11/28/2017 11/28/2019

Luis Andre Blanco
joined the Company in 2009. He is a graduate in production engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Luis has his MBA in business studies from the University of Westminster, London, England. He was the Financial Director at Vivo Empresa S.A, the Executive Financial Director at Tele Centro - Oeste Celular Participações, the Structured Operations Manager at the bank Banco Boa Vista InterAtlântico S.A and a Consultant at Boucinhas & Campos Consultores e Auditores.

Elsen Carvalho Corporate Commercial Director 11/28/2017 11/28/2019

Elsen Carvalho
Mr. Elsen has a Bachelors degree in Economics from UFRJ, MBA in Coppead/UFRJ, and OMP program at the Harvard Business School. He has a wide experience in commercial strategies, with emphasis on prospecting, developing and expanding the portfolio of clients. He has worked at Lojas Americanas, Unibanco, Banco Bozano and Invent. He was a partner, commercial director and member of the Investment Committee of Investidor Profissional ("IP"). Mr. Elsen also worked at Archipelago Partners, where he was a founder, partner and member of the Investment Committee.

Marcos Pimentel de Viveiros Corporate Director 05/02/2019 11/28/2019

Marcos Pimentel de Viveiros
Mr. Marcos has a magna cum laude degree in law from Universidade Federal do Ceará - UFC and a degree in Accounting from Universidade de Fortaleza - UNIFOR. He has a Specialization as a Controller and Accounting Management also from UNIFOR. MBA in Business Law from PUC-SP, Business Administration from FGV-RJ and Finance from IBMEC-RJ. CEO at Odonto System until its acquisition by OdontoPrev. CFO at Companhia de Alimentos do Nordeste - CIALNE, Controller and Legal Director at M. Dias Branco S/A, Administrative and Finance Director at Hapvida and Superintendent of Legal and Controllership at Caixa de Previdência do Banco do Nordeste do Brasil - CAPEF. Partner at Tozzini e Freire Advogados Associados, as well as Abreu, Barbosa e Viveiros Advogados.

Renato Alves Costa Corporate Director 08/01/2019 11/28/2019

Renato Alves Costa
Mr.Renato is graduated in Information Technology with emphasis on Business Management at FATEC and MBA in Business Strategic Management from FIAP. Profession with 15 years of experience in IT, he has worked in national and international large companies, such as Alcatel-Lucent, LATAM, AES Brasil, Eletropaulo and BRK Ambiental. Technology executive business specialist, IT transformation, innovation and digital implementation. Responsible for operations and services management, as well as projects. He has experience in people management, contracts and finance, in additional to international experience working in global projects, and interaction with offshore operational structures, and also lived for 6 years in the United States of America.

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